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One of us is terribly smart, and one of us commands the kitchen. One of us leans toward goofy, and the other is the strong silent type. One of us has a master's degree in business and one of us holds a degree in Art. One is a native Houstonian who played baseball most of his life, and the other grew up on the beach in south Florida and can't quite shake the sand from her toes. One of us is a Purple Heart recipient, who served our country in Viet Nam, and one of us won Miss Congeniality in the Miss Texas pageant 35 years ago. One of us was kissing lots of girls in 1960, and one of us wasn't even born until 1960.

We have been enjoying life together for nearly 30 years. We have a whole bevy of amazing kids, all grown up and making the world a better place. We also have the world's sweetest grandchildren, and one interesting little pup named Nashville! 

We are Vicki and Wayne Hill. And we honestly can't wait to meet you!